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Scott phillips

Native to the area (Pickens & Oconee), going back multiple generations, Scott was more less born in the woods. He grew up hunting, gathering, and farming. About 20 years ago, he got into predator hunting and turned it into a small business.  He had seen and heard a few strange things previously, but spending 4-5 nights weekly in the woods was a game changer. He become used to things that go bump in the night, and that's typically magnified while in the woods at night.  While 99% of them had an explanation, there were a couple that did not.  After being diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) in 2008, he thought it was going to be a huge road block for my time with nature, but after a little time and a lot of dedication, he actually fell in closer than ever.  He learned a lot more patience, and strangely to take more time to pay attention to everything.  With his lovely wife having MS also, he figured out that most foods today have too many chemicals, hormones, preservatives, and additives. They believe that those things aggravated their symptoms, and that drove them that much more to get back to their roots.  Scott feels he is more home outside in the woods than even in his own home.  This love for the outdoors has put him around very special groups of people; whether its folks picking berries, gathering mushrooms, or other hunters.  Through these experiences, Scott has had many others open up to him and others about their experiences.  He believes that while much can be explained logically, there are a few that don't fit and that can not be easily and logically explained.  Scott will be leading the Bigfoot Research Outing departing from the Grapevine Campground.  Click below for more details or to sign up.

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