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terry windell

Terry Windell lives in Rock Hill, SC with his wife and their apricot labradoodle. He is currently self-employed there as well.


Growing up, Terry spent many summers as a child and teenager on his grandparent’s 2000-acre farm in South Carolina. A large portion of that land was heavily wooded private property used for pulpwood and timber farming.  While there, Terry would often have "odd experiences" as he walked alone exploring in the woods - almost always feeling as if he was being watched or “kept track of”.  Eventually this led to a definitive experience that left him wondering just exactly who or what was in the woods with him when he would go walking each time.  All this, coupled with seeing “The Legend of Boggy Creek” when it was first released, started him on his personal journey of discovery to learn as much about the subject as possible.


Terry, a.k.a. Rock Hill Bigfoot, has been actively investigating Bigfoot in the field since 2013. Over that time, he has had several close encounters with the Forest People - including getting poked through his tent wall by one on a particularly dark night in the woods of Georgia.


Terry is a "No Kill" supporter and keeps an open mind when researching and when talking with others about the subject, but leans toward the approach of learning through in-the-field observation, documentation, and personal experience.  Terry isn’t out to prove that Bigfoot exists.  He already KNOWS they do due to his field experiences. Rather, he is on a personal journey to learn all he can about these elusive and mysterious creatures while gladly sharing his knowledge and experiences along the way with anyone who asks.


Terry's specialties are cameras, documentary interviews, field videography, and video editing and production, all of which fit right in with his Bigfoot research. In fact, he’s been interested in cameras even longer than in Bigfoot!  Terry also realizes that there are almost as many opinions as to exactly what Bigfoot might be as there are people looking for Bigfoot, and is always willing to listen to all opinions as long as they are thoughtfully and respectfully presented.  The biggest thing Terry has learned so far is that when you start out looking for Bigfoot, you often end up learning much more about yourself along the way…

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