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david pardue

David Pardue is 53 years old and a native of North Carolina.

He had his first bigfoot experience at the age of 16 on his aunt's farm and this sparked a deep interest in understanding just what that 6-foot-tall bipedal creature that he watched run across a tobacco field while leaving 14-inch tracks behind was.

This interest in bigfoot lead him to research the subject in depth and finally, after years of his own private research, to join the BFRO in 2006 as a field investigator - a position he held until 2014.

David then joined Carolina Bigfoot Field Research (CBFR) in 2014 and researched with that group until 2018.

In 2018 David founded the Carolina Cryptid Field Research team (CCFR) with the help of Terry Windell of Rock Hill, SC. Together as a team they conduct field investigations and research throughout the South Eastern United States.

David's primary research area since 2005 has been the Uwharrie National Forest, located just to the east of Albemarle, North Carolina.

David has interviewed many witnesses over the years and has had many personal close encounters of his own with bigfoot. He enjoys sharing what he’s learned about bigfoot with others and is a No Kill supporter.

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