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michael cook

Bigfoot Researcher




Born and raised in the deep dark hills of Southeast Kentucky, Harlan County. Michael has been researching sightings and encounters of unknown creatures for 19 years, stemming from a face to face encounter with the creature believed to be Bigfoot while fishing on a riverbank. Active in the field, Cook has logged countless hours in the woods conducting research and investigating numerous sightings. Founded and lead The Kentucky Sasquatch Team for 5 years, filing over 350 sighting reports in and around the state of Kentucky. Disbanding the team in 2016, Cook went on to create Cook Cryptid Research to use as a platform for his field research, expanding the search for answers concerning Sasquatch In November 2016, Cook and fellow researcher, Glenn Mink, had an encounter with two Sasquatch within 25 feet from them. Later witnessing a hovering light in the forest and rocks being thrown at them. In the summer of 2018, Cook embarked on a cross country road trip with a friend and fellow researcher to hit all the most well known Bigfoot encounter locations; ultimately ending up in Bluff Creek, where the Patterson-Gimlin film was made. In the fall of 2018, Cook spent 48 hours in one of the most haunted locations in the country, The Mysterious Monroe House. To come straight off that trip and literally into the woods the next day for a research project in Cook’s area known only as P-3. It was there that Cook and two others had one of the most frightening experiences they would ever have. When they found themselves surrounded by 6 Sasquatch. Living to tell the tale, and coming home with a new outlook on the subject. Cook has been in the research field for close to 20 years now, and has seen his fair share of evidence. His theories are why his colleagues think of him as “One of The Most Open Minded Researchers in The World”. Cook brings with him the presentation known as “The Bigfoot Experience”, along with Bigfoot footprints from around the world. His presentation is audience involved and fun for all ages.


Michael Cook Winchester, Kentucky

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